Less-Hardware — Less Cost


We believe in a small hardware foot print and a virtual world.  Need new physical servers? Why? Just virtualize them.

We can convert your physical servers to virtual servers

  • Reduce your electrical and air conditioning cost
  • We specialize in VMWare ESXi, VMWare Player


Use the latest versions of Windows and software application without the cost of constant PC upgrades.

  • Thin clients reduce the cost of constant PC upgrades and replacements
  • Thin clients can be used for years without upgrades
  • Better control all of your company’s software security

SAN - Storage Access Network

  • Keep company data safe and secure on a SAN
  • Consolidate of all of your data storage (database, files, emails, software, etc.) to a single, reliable redundant source
  • We specialize in HP Lefthand, FreeNAS


We can design and install your company WAN or VPN.

Network segmentation:

Hardware & Software Routers:

VoIP Phones

Blade Servers · Web Servers · Citrix Servers · SQL Servers

  • Blade Enclosure
  • Blade Servers
  • Active Directory Domain Controllers
  • File Servers
  • Print Servers
  • Frontend & Backend Application Servers
  • SQL Servers
  • Web Servers
  • E-Mail Servers
  • Citrix Servers

Front Office Hardware:

  • Hand Held scanner
  • Document Scanners
  • ID Card Systems